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Anthropology 151
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Welcome to Anthropology 151: Cultural Anthropology.
I have set up this site to assist our class in receiving course materials and with communication between our members.  Do not use this site as an excise not to come to class as you will greatly miss the bulk of test materials-- my lectures.  The power points on this site as well as other information are to be used strictly as outlines not as substitutes for class lecture.

I will attempt to provide you with lecture power points, links to required and interesting articles and websites, the course syllabus and any other pertinent information.

Contact Information:

Christine E. Haney
200 NU
Lincoln, NE 68588-0453
Drop off:
Anthro Dept.
Smith Curtis Building

Phone: (402)472-4098
Fax: (402)472-8015

You may E-mail me as well


Christine E. Haney* Nebraska Wesleyan University