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Anthropology 151
Weekly Lectures & Power Points
Syllabus & Weekly Articles
Weekly Lectures & Power Points
Class Discussion

Here you will find your weekly lectures and updates...

I do not have as much web space on this site as I'd thought. I will be sending future PPT lectures via e-mail. If this is a problem please e-mail for other options.
Additionally, I will attempt to place all handouts, etc. online on this page.

Week 2 Lecture PPT

Evolution Flow Chart

Timeline on Evolutionary Thought

Lecture 3- Week Three
The power point for the lecture was sent out via e-mail. If you did not receive a copy of the lecture you need to request one.  There is not going to be enough room on this site to add all of the ppts this semester.  I am looking into Blackboard.
Also, all of the articles on this site should be in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  There is a free Reader available online. If you can not read the documents you need to download this to your computer or ask the computer technician to download it for you.


Hominid Fossils

Primate Lineage

Week 4- Lecture
Ok, we are running out of space on this site but the Blackboard people have given me space there. Yay! So, please proceed to our class website on Blackboard for Week 4 onward.  I'm sorry this has been such a confusing first few weeks.  Everything for the next ten or 11 weeks should happily fit on the Blackboard site.

Adobe Reader Free Download

Christine E. Haney* Nebraska Wesleyan University