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Anthropology 151
Syllabus & Weekly Articles
Syllabus & Weekly Articles
Weekly Lectures & Power Points
Class Discussion

You will find a link to download the Syllabus and links to or downloads for weekly articles or other points of interest here.


Service Learning Project
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Week 2- Gradualism

*Week 2- Human Variation

Week 2- Lamarck

*Week 2- Natural Selection

Week 2- Punctuated Equilibrium

Week 2- Evolution


I have listed only a few websites for you to read thoroughly as they contain accurate and up to date information about this topic. 
You must be familiar with the information on those sites.  I will summarize similar material for the lectures but may not cover all locations or hominids.  More information will be available in class.  This section will be very important for the mid-term.  I will have a good deal of information from this week on that exam and on quiz #2.

*Human Evolution- Vassar College

*An extensive site with photos and information about specific fossil hominids maintained by C. David Kreger

*A wonderful site from Arizona State University

Chimp Genome article on MSN

National Geographic Article

For week three you need to read both of these articles.  There will be some specific scientific language that you can gloss over.  Don't spend days reading this.  I really just want you to understand what types of criteria the scientific world is using to determine humans or hominids from other non-hominids.  You can look at and for more information on words, sites or other information you may not be familiar with from these articles.
Also, this is just good practice for reading scientific material.  Again, though, don't go too far out of the way on this stuff, just gather the main ideas and you'll be fine. We'll go over these in class.

*Was it a Hominid?


* If I have listed many articles I will make a note (*) indicating which article(s) I deem the most important for you to complete in order to be prepared for the quizes/exams.  This will save you some time if the subject matter isn't irresistable enough alone to drive you to reading about it.

If there are articles or lectures that are too large for the content of this website- I will send them via your e-mail account.

Christine E. Haney* Nebraska Wesleyan University